How to use GotoBrowser

1. Select Connector
You can choose one of 4 options how to access the game.
- DMM direct: Direct access to DMM sites(recommended, must use if you want to buy some items)
- OOI Web Proxy (for abroad users)
- OOI Web Proxy (for Chinese users)
- nitrabbit: Nitrabbit Connector (for Korean users)
2. Login Autocomplete
You can easily login to DMM / Connectors without completing login form manually.
Your account info is saved in your device, and it is only used for the login purpose.
- In case of DMM Direct / Nitrabbit, You should login manually. (only form autocomplete)
- In case of OOI Web Proxy, Login is automatically done.
3. Start Options
- Landscape Mode: open browser with landscape mode regardless of the device setting.
- Start with Audio OFF: set in-game volume muted before starting the game. (same with KanColle Android)
- Layout Adjustment: when detect the game screen, remove other components and make background black.
- show control panel: show left panel when starting the browser.
4. Cache Clear
Delet all cached resources (like image) save in the GotoBrowser cache directory.
Use this function if some images in the game does not show properly.
※ After clear the cache, it can consume extra data network when downloading resource again.
5. Settings Button
You can check update and download subtitle data. See [Settings] for the detail information.
Browser (Panel)
1. Show/Hide Browser Panel
On the left panel, you can use various functions such as refreshing or adjusting the game screen position in the browser.
To make the panel appear, set the panel appear in the start option or swipe right from the left edge of the screen.
To remove the panel, press the X button at the bottom of the panel or swipe from the right side of the screen to the left.
2. Panel Functions (from top to bottom)
- Refresh: refresh browser. use if you want to reset the game without restarting app when error cat appears, etc.
- Screen Adjust: show interface for game screen adjustment. see [3. Game Screen Adjustment] for detail information.
- Temporal Mute: mutes the currently playing sound. audio files will be still loaded. use it when you want to watch subtitles without sound.
- Fix Screen Rotation: prevent rotating the screen regardless of the device settings.
- Show Subtitle: show or hide in-game subtitle. see [4. In-game Voiceline Subtitle] for detail information.
- Close Panel: deactivate the panel. you can reactivate it with a swipe.
3. Game Screen Adjustment
Use this function when there is a problem that the game screen is cut off because of the device aspect ratio and so on.
※ In order to use this function, you must activate Layout Adjustment at startup.
You can set the left and right margins on the horizontal screen with the bottom slider,
and the top and bottom margins on the vertical screen with the right slider.
- For left and right margins, setting it to 40 or 140 usually fits the screen.
4. In-game Voiceline Subtitle
Subtitles are displayed when the subtitle function (CC button) is activated in the panel.
※ To use this feature, you must download the subtitle file from [Settings] and select the language before start the game!
※ In order to use this function, the voice volume in the game should not be 0.
If the subtitle does not appear even after activating the corresponding function, please check whether it is muted or not.
- Sometimes, wrong subtitles come out due to in-game updates and so on.
Please check the version of the subtitle whether you have the latest version or not at the settings.
- If you'd like to edit or add translation data, please contribute to the KC3Kai/kc3-translations team!
1. App Update Check
You can check for updates. If an update exists, the APK file will be downloaded from the Github repository.
2. Download Subtitle Data
You can select the subtitle language to use in your browser.
The selected language will appear as yellow on the left. (currently available in English / Korean)
You can also receive the latest subtitle files from the KC3Kai translation repository.
If there is an update, the background color at the bottom will be displayed as blue.
1. Sound Playback Issues
To prevent sound playback in the background status, GotoBrowser has its own system to play audio files instead of browsers.
As a result, in some situations, the voice may be played in a different way than the original KanColle game.
- Volume control does not reflect volume control in real time
- Some ship voices are suspended while another ship voice is running during battle.
- The BGM does not stop after the end of the battle or before going to the next node after the ship drop
If you think there is a bug other than above situation, please contact to the developer.
2. Limited Interface Issue
Some functions may not work due to limitations of Android itself, which does not support mouseover event on the screen.
- The effect of pressing each button in the port does not disappear or improvement arsenal button does not appear
- Alert is not displayed when the limit is reached during development/construction
If you think there is a bug other than above situation, please contact to the developer.
3. About (SLOW) Game Speed Issue
Due to the limitations of the built-in webview, GotoBrowser is usually slower than normal web browsers like Chrome, while it may vary from device to device.
If the speed is more important than other add-ons feature, I recommend using a normal browser.
4. Any question or issues?
This application is NOT an official product of Kantai Collection(艦これ) game and not related to C2Praparat Co., Ltd.(「艦これ」運営鎮守府)
The whole source code of GotoBrowser is available in [Github].
Please freely contact to the developer (me) if you find any bugs and/or have any questions about the application!
- kcanotify [AT]